Your Best Marketing Hack

Oct 6, 2022

Finding the best marketing hack can be difficult when you’re contemplating what’s best for you and your clients. There are so many questions to consider when creating a marketing plan. Y’all, I don’t even know where to start.

We really have to think about the meaning behind marketing and structure it to our benefit. Sure, being really flashy with your marketing, getting as many people to enroll, buying as much as you possibly can, and not really caring about the quality is valid. But it’s not something I teach to people nor is it always effective in a business.

What’s the purpose of marketing then?

Marketing is so consuming, you get swept away. Even for me, I’ve been finding my marketing efforts take the largest and most consistent hours in my schedule. Basically, a mistake that a lot of new entrepreneurs make is letting marketing be their primary goal which results in getting swept away in the pursuit of new clients.

Have y’all ever wondered why you are displeased when you invest too much time in products, services, and coaching programs?

It’s because the marketing was fantastic but the actual product and service didn’t give the expectations they had for the day. I want to reiterate that just providing quality service, products, or whatever it is you offer is not enough, that’s the bare minimum. We are looking not just to be a good service provider or offer products, we want to delight people and want them to walk away feeling so glad they made the investment with us.

Ask yourself, what kind of results can we get from marketing?

When there’s growth from marketing, you can see that past and former clients have done the work and shouted us out on their large platforms. When those clients do that we get the most followers, engagements, and applications to our program.

Logistics-wise, think about the number of emails you’re sending, the process for scheduling, how to deliver whatever the content is, how to deliver the end result, how to follow up, and the type of communication you have with your client.

If you can see that your clients are stumbling, your best form of marketing is going to be your client’s success. It’s going to be your client’s delight and the way to do that is to consider your client’s journey. For me, that looks like creating a website template that is 100% customizable, this gives clients a tutorial on not only how to get the website on their domain, but also how to edit it and use the software.

Data is showing us that serving the shit out of our clients, actually ends up yielding us even better results than the marketing work ever would’ve. As always, we’re here to help and cheer you on!

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