Why the who is just as important as the what

Apr 28, 2022

When you’re building a business, it’s super easy to get hyper focused on WHAT you’re going to sell. Is it gonna be a physical product? A service? Will you sell some kind of information to people?

But if we start with the WHAT, we sometimes skip or forget about the WHO.

Before we really solidify what we’re selling, we have to figure out who we’re gonna sell to. Cuz chances are, if you skip this step, the people you want to buy from you won’t. They won’t be interested in your offer because you didn’t create it with THEM in mind.

So, as an entrepreneur we need to learn that the who is just as important as the what. We also have to figure out who the WHO is and how to sell to them.

Let’s start by looking at the business intersection of a problem + passion + profit.

Your business should solve a problem for someone. This creates a profile of the type of person you want to target.

Now, a lot of people want to skip this step in particular. They think it’s very woo woo and that creating a client profile is unnecessary and corny. But understanding your client is not only THE concrete foundation for your business but also the absolute center to all the content you create!

There are three key sources of who your ideal client can be.

1.   An earlier version of you

  • This is probably the most common style of ideal client because it’s easy. It’s easy to look back and consider what an earlier version of you would have wanted, and what solution or thing you needed when you were unhappy.

2.   Your peers

  • Look at people around you (that work the same job as you, look like you, etc.) that are struggling with something you aren’t struggling with.
  • This may seem just as easy BUT it’s harder when that exact problem isn’t what you’ve dealt with.

3.   A group that you have extreme familiarity with

  • Your clients don’t have to be your peers or even an earlier version of you. You can still serve them well if you have extreme familiarity with the problem that you are helping them with.

Knowing your audience will help you create a community of trust. So, take the time to deep dive into your ideal client profile. Understanding them more will help you create a better product in the end.

People are also more likely to buy from you when they feel like you deeply care about helping them. They can see you took the time and effort to create something that truly prioritizes their needs.

Don’t settle for trivial understanding of who your client is. Skipping or glossing over creating your ideal client profile will only hurt your business in the long run.

And if this idea of focusing on the who and the what is hard to wrap your mind around, then take the chance to look into coaching. We can help guide you step by step on how to find your ideal client and how to effectively market to their needs and wants.

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