Why Lifestyle Design Matters

Jun 23, 2022

It’s no secret that we determine wealth as how much money our business is making or how much we hold in that bank account (or maybe it’s just me?) Lifestyle design matters so much to changing your mindset to have a successful career as an entrepreneur. Lifestyle design is intentionally crafting the exact life that you want. It’s believing that what you want is possible and building a plan on how to do that. 

I know this may sound very woo woo but it is almost like manifesting everything you desire in life! 

It’s so interesting to watch unhappy people keep putting bandaids over their unhappiness, as much as we all love a good metaphor, bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. It’s merely a temporary fix.

I really believe that joy doesn’t live in the thing that we designed, a lot of the joy is in going after what we strive for. From where I stand, the entire purpose of entrepreneurship is lifestyle design, which can be achieved in a few different ways.

The freedom of time is something I see as the greatest indicator of wealth.

Your goal is to “work” as little as possible with the maximum impact so you can spend time on other things that are important. 

Everyone must take the time to build a life in alignment.

 Building joy into your day-to-day life is crucial. Early morning walks with Mila (my sweet dog) in the park are ways I maintain this joy. Maybe for y’all, it’s enjoying a quiet breakfast or spending time with loved ones? I used to attempt to make that work in my corporate job but people weren’t having it.

We must always be thinking about lifestyle design. What is your unique definition of success? We’re all striving for success but very rarely have we sat down and thought about what that is for us. For me, success looks like the autonomy of time. I want you to know and believe that anything is possible for you.

Now is the time to start pushing beyond what’s familiar and start building the life we really want. I am relentlessly cheering you on!

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