Why IG Stories Are Everything

Feb 3, 2022

Growing your business on social media is hard. It’s hard to know what to say, when to say it and how much of yourself to show potential customers. The hack? Instagram stories.

Instagram stories can be an amazing tool for you to use for your business. Being able to authentically speak to your niche community and connect directly to your dream clients through stories will elevate your business and get potential customers to convert.

All while deterring the wrong people for your business.

There might be a million obligations you can think of why IG stories can’t work for your or your business. You can’t show your face, you don’t want to share certain things, you don’t know what to say, etc.

But the thing is, we aren’t asking you do to rocket science. The reality is you don’t have to share everything.

If you don’t want to share things about your family. That’s okay.

If you don’t want to share things about dating. That’s okay.

If you don’t want to show up on camera without makeup. That’s okay.

Instagram stories are the premiere place to show off your personality. So, only do what feels real and true to you.

There’s a difference between oversharing and sharing engaging content that moves people along the buying journey with you.

So, if you want the most effective method to create IG stories that not only pull in your dream clients but also persuade them to do business with you, we recommend our P.O.P Pillars:

  1. The first P stands for Problem. As in, you want your clients to recognize your reliability to solve their problems.
  2. O stands for Offer. Spend some time on the solution so that you can really communicate that your offer is the solution to their problem.
  3. The last P stands for personality. 90% of your content should be the problem and the offer that you’re solving. But in stories, you really get to share the personality piece where people get to see who you really are.

The reality is that you are in control of what you share, and they’re so many different ways you can show off your personality without oversharing. It’s important to be vulnerable enough so that people feel like they know everything about you, but not so vulnerable that you feel that they need to know every little thing about you.

Vulnerability is different than oversharing.

Vulnerability is the key to being a successful business owner. It’s what separates incredible business owners and content creators from just being social media users.

Plus, the benefit of sharing far outweigh the cons. The only con is that someone MIGHT judge you, but the benefit is that it could change someone’s life. So, really, you don’t lose anything by being vulnerable. If they don’t like it, they can LEAVE.

They aren’t someone that you want to be a part of your community. And community is powerful, so it’s important to start cultivating as soon as possible. When cultivating, share your building process with IG stories. Don’t just talk about something because you think people will want to hear it. People engage and connect best with content that feels real and authentic.

IG stories are a direct link between you and your people. One that, if built with courage and vulnerability, can become unbreakable.

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