What to do when you’re too Busy to Build Your Business

Apr 21, 2022

Creating time to start my first biz was NOT EASY. Like for real- it was hella hard to find time with my workload and schedule. Yet, somehow I was able to take control of my time to work on my business and build it. But I see so many of y’all struggling to find the time to put yourselves and your dream biz first.

I know what it feels like to come home late from work and just die…, I know what it feels like to work up until the moment you go to sleep.

I very much understand the environments y’all are working in. BUT, my job is to help show you the way out…because the truth is…it’s possible to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS right now. No matter how “busy” you are.

The main mistake I made when I first started was my prioritization. I wasn’t only not prioritizing my business, I wasn’t even prioritizing my life. Instead, I let the myth of busy-ness trap me into the demands of the law firm, until I made an affirmative decision to change things. So if you take anything from this, then know it is time to stop treating your side hustle like your side chick.

You need to honestly evaluate where your work falls in your list of priorities. And take actions to reprioritize your life in alignment with what you truly want. This will require uncomfortable change.

I was able to make this uncomfortable change by making a list on what I wanted. This included things like exercise, home cooked meals, QT with my dog, 7 hours of sleep, etc. One by one I started to prioritize what was important to me.

And If my job can’t support me doing these things and working, I can’t continue to work there.

You also have to prioritize your business AND your life. That’s how we get out of the hamster wheel of misery instead of just building a new cage for ourselves.

Whether it’s physically writing down the time you’re going to work on your side hustle or calling out sick from work so you can put in time. You have to be willing to put in effort in order to create a successful business, not just a hobby.

It can be really hard to treat your side hustle like it’s legit, especially when starting out. But you have to believe that it’s a real business, even when you’re just starting.

Take yourself sooooo seriously (people want to buy from businesses they believe in)!

And there are two main reasons you aren’t prioritizing your business currently

  1. A major part of you doesn’t believe it can really happen for you. And that’s mindset shit. I’ve realized that almost exclusively all my business problems are mindset problems. So try affirmations. Write them on sticky notes, put them everywhere.
  2. The second major reason is because you’re stuck in a little victim mentality. Busy is external. And it’s easy to say someone else is keeping you busy.

Legit, I get it, sometimes things are busy. It’s okay if life is busy and slows things down sometimes, but you still have to keep making steps to keep the ball rolling.

It won’t happen overnight. It can and will for some folks- but for the majority of us, it’s a work in progress and takes every bit of prioritization we can offer. No matter what, don’t get discouraged.

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