Video Content Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Feb 10, 2022

Let’s be honest, we all spend an embarrassingly long amount of time on TikTok. With all the different types of videos specifically filtered to fit what you love (or like in this case), it’s hard not to.

We all have that one video or that one influencer that we follow because their videos are just so captivating. But, what if you were the one with the video that goes viral? What if you became THE content creator that people get addicted to because your videos are just *chef’s kiss*?

We know what you’re thinking: video content is fun to watch but scary to create. Well, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. Video content doesn’t have to be scary. It can actually be extremely rewarding for your business. And there are so many ways to adapt video content to your level of comfortability and we’re going to go through those right now.

Start a TikTok account and spend time on it.

It’s terrifying, we know. But when you first get on TikTok, you’re the equivalent of the invisible man. No one can see that you’re there and TikTok is going to just throw videos at you that may pique your interest.

Like videos that inspire you.

Take notice as a producer rather than a consumer of which videos pique your interest and notice the similarities between the videos that you like. From comedians to interior designers, there are so many different ways people present something on TikTok. So, when you see videos that inspire you, like them!

Figure out how you want to show up as a brand and as a business.

Think about what the ultimate goal of your business is, and create content that embodies how you want people to position your business in their minds. Don’t be afraid to lean into showing up differently and feeling a bit silly, getting eyeballs, and growing your business.

Get help.

When you feel like you’re stuck on something, and can’t move past it, we recommend getting help. Help comes in so many forms. From friends that’ll hold you accountable for free to someone that will hold you accountable for a fee.

Videos don’t have to be boring, so try to go off the beaten path.

There are so many different ways to incorporate your personality into your videos. Do the things that feel good to you, but be strategic about it. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Oftentimes, the best inspiration for video content is from those who aren’t even in your field. For instance, a fashion influencer gets their recent video inspo from a music artist.

Think about bingeability.

It’s important to think about the types of videos you will create so that, once people find you, they want to watch more of you. And once they get to know you, they’ll follow you.

Video content is a POWERFUL tool for building your business’s personality, so don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. In bite-size pieces, if you have to. Because, little known fact, video content has been known to get businesses, like yours, the most conversions. More conversions mean more success. And success isn’t a scary thing.

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