Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Jun 2, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you used to (or still do!) think that when someone said they were an entrepreneur it meant they were still living in their mom’s basement attempting to come up with a world-breaking idea. Truth is… thinking like an entrepreneur does not just include attempting to be a household name like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates. It’s all about mindset and adapting our way of thinking outside the box.

You can be a successful entrepreneur just by changing your mindset.

The mindset can be the difference between a successful business and a business that fails within the year. And actually doing the mindset work is the first step to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. I think we don’t give each other enough credit when we’re in these early stages. Entrepreneurship is always gonna expect us to push dat boundary of safety and move beyond fear. To create your own reality, one that forces a new mindset that does nothing more than move you forward in your dreams. It requires you to think in abundance. Think in terms of what’s possible. It’s no longer what I have to lose but what can I gain.

Acknowledge YOU are capable of being the best entrepreneur.

Success lives on the other side of failure and fear! Thinking like an entrepreneur is something that takes time. You have to rewire your brain to change the way that corporate america has forced you to think. Society has inappropriately conditioned us to move away from fear; but, you have to understand that as an entrepreneur, you’re rewarded when you walk toward fear calculated in a way that’s planned.

It may seem quite intimidating to prime your mind to think in a whole new direction but that is exactly what makes a great entrepreneur. Dis episode may give a lot of information and plant some fear about the idea of changing your whole mindset. Reconstructing those ideas of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur is the point of this program, our team is here for you to lean on to keep your eyes on the horizon. However you dream, you can always achieve and dat is what dis will hopefully guide you in. Just always know I am cheering you on relentlessly!

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