The Tradeoff of Prioritizing Your Biz

Mar 16, 2022

We’re gonna be honest, building a business is A LOT of work. We get questions from clients on how to integrate your business into your life, and the short answer is – it’s challenging and it’s going to require a sacrifice.

But it’s DOABLE!

When we think back to our mentality when we were building our business in the first year, we really considered it a tradeoff. We had to acknowledge on multiple occasions that it was gonna be really hard for a year and we were gonna miss some important and fun things while also busting our asses.

BUT if you put in short-term investment and do upfront work, there’s a better life on the other side.


The Tradeoff of prioritizing your biz is worth it!

And first and foremost, you need to accept that it’s gonna to be hard and that you’re gonna have to make sacrifices. Second, there is NEVER going to be a perfect season of your life to start a business. There’s always going to be obligations and things to do. And the reality is that building a business takes time. And unfortunately we’re gonna have to make some sacrifices.

Now, that sounds really bleak but here’s the reassurance you need: if you do this in the short term, you’ll never have to sacrifice stuff again. You’ll have done the work to create the lifestyle design you want.

And a lot of times people see how hard it is to create a business and make the excuse that they’re “too busy”.

Too Busy meaning they are feeling overwhelmed. But the reality is, we are so sure that your full time job is also overwhelming. So get into the practice of prioritizing and getting to choose how you spend your time and focus on the business that will make you happiest in the end.

Because once you become an entrepreneur, and you have a business that you love, you will want to put time into it.

So, in the meantime, to break through that subconscious thought of being too busy-SAY IT OUT LOUD.

Practice filling out the phrase “i am prioritizing __ over the life I want to build” This can be your boss, your family demands, etc. When you say it out loud, you realize how bad it sounds.

We recommend, treating your side biz as a part time job. Even though you are the boss, it’s still a job. It still has responsibilities. Put time to work on your business physically on your schedule and honor it EXACTLY the same way you would as if it was a meeting with your boss at your FT job.

Start with just five hours a week and maybe even use a planner to stay organized and on top of things. Accountability is KEY.

Your dream lifestyle is just on the other side of prioritizing your business for a year. It will be hard and it will be really shitty at some points, but it will be worth it. Just doing 5 hours a week, we promise you can be a full time entrepreneur sooner than you think. So make those tradeoffs today, in order to create a better future for you tomorrow.

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