The Most Powerful Resource in Building Your Business

Jun 16, 2022

For a long time, I thought a business was only successful when it reached a certain income goal or had hundreds of people working for it… BUT that is simply not the case. A successful business begins with running in the direction of what you fear. I know what y’all are thinking… this can’t be true but it’s the key to success! 

There have been countless times when I stopped myself from doing something

because I was fearful of the outcome. In corporate America, almost everything is predictable. So, moving into a space of unknown like entrepreneurship can really feel paralyzing…

Especially if you try to do it on your own.

One of the most shocking things I learned as a young entrepreneur was that most mindset hurdles are rooted in fear. The fear of disappointing others, of embarrassment, or of failure. It’s vital to make risks and fear boo, it’s what helps you be a successful and profitable business.

In order to create a successful business for the long haul, you have the right tools to create that business and keep it thriving.

The most powerful asset for your business is your mind.

Those fears and insecurities will stop you right in your tracks if you don’t have the right mindset to overcome imposter syndrome. We’ve talked about perfectionism and imposter syndrome a lot on the podcast and over on our Instagram, but truly understanding why we’re feeling those feelings and having the tools to break through them will help us become 5% businesses.

If you haven’t listened to our How To Be A 5% Biz episode, take a listen HERE!

I know that mindset stuff can sound hella woo woo but how we adapt our mind to being at its best version is through three of my favorite resources the surrounding of like-minded people, books, and therapy. And if you need help getting started on the right books, check out our bookshelf!

There will be people who will be confused or judgmental of that so it’s so critical to find like-minded people like other entrepreneurs who can walk through that with you. We’re here cheering you on!

I go more in-depth about how to build your mindset in the episode. Listen to it now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

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