The Archetype Of An Entrepreneur

Nov 3, 2022

Have y’all ever wondered what components make a remarkable entrepreneur or why we have a certain image of entrepreneurship? I certainly have.


I used to think that everyone can be an entrepreneur. I thought that you just need to tap into your discipline, have the ability to put your head down, and do the work.

My idea of an entrepreneur was like one of those Bugs Bunny cartoons. I imagined a man dressed in ratty clothes, a top hat, constantly broke, and trying to nickel and dime people. I envisioned someone who really struggled to meet ends meet.

For real, I would even think of Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, someone who invented a thing and has a techy background to create something data-driven with their mind and their computer skills.

Entrepreneur traits

The biggest trait of an entrepreneur is your ability to problem solve. This probably comes up for you already in your current career. The ability to problem solve is consistent and I would say the number one trait of an incredible entrepreneur because it makes you more efficient and a better value-add to your clients.

To be a really successful entrepreneur, you need to have a heightened level of discipline. I don’t want you to think that if you don’t feel like a disciplined person, you’ll never be a great entrepreneur. Having the ability to build discipline isn’t difficult, I have taught my brain how to be disciplined via exercise.

My goal for y’all is to see me building a practice of discipline for myself and then having you guys feel motivated enough to do the same.

Fears and hardships

If discipline is something you struggle with, I would say that entrepreneurship will forever be a really challenging endeavor for you. In other words, if being a visionary is something you find difficult, I would encourage you to stop pursuing entrepreneurship and instead pursue something that interests you.

Does having delusions make you any different?

What’s stereotypically described as delusion is really just hope. If more people believed in themselves, they will be shocked at how much they can accomplish.

My entrepreneur friends and I share the same type of delusions. We believe that we’re going to excel in these crazy ass things and it’s only slightly delusional because 9 times out of 10 we actually achieve those things. The ability to see the vision and the future ahead of you is important. You have to be able to dream and cobble up an idea together to build a path for yourself, that is entrepreneurship.

Seek HELP as an alternative.

I think someone like a therapist is a must, especially for entrepreneurs because you’re doing this alternate thing. Having a therapist and having the tools to be able to know and decide for yourself, what makes you happy, what your desires are, and what should be prioritized are just so important.

When there are issues in a business, you have to have someone in your life that you can come to and download the truth. To me, the only reason I’ve been successful in business is that I’ve had those people around consistently.

The point is, I have never been without support in my business. If I can’t get support for free, I pay for the support. Surviving entrepreneurship alone isn’t impossible, but having somebody else who is going to keep you accountable, in check, and humble is even better.

Regardless of where you stand in entrepreneurship, I’m constantly cheering you on!

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