Six Figure Side Hustlers

Oct 13, 2022

Have you ever wanted to hear from people who are doing now exactly what you want to be doing in the future?

On September 17th, we hosted our virtual Lost to Launched retreat, and y’all, it was a HUGE success. One of our sessions included a panel of 3 fantastic students, Lexi Jay, Ashley Ross, and Pamela Rosario, who went through the SideBiz SMART Accelerator program and went on to be 6-figure side hustlers and full-time entrepreneurs. I’m bringing this panel to you because it is all absolute gems for anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.

Mindset is the biggest hurdle, but also the key to success.

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of things, to give up because you don’t see entrepreneurial success in your circle, to think you’re not enough yet. Handling the mindset stuff first, making sure that you tackle any self-doubt or imposter syndrome at the front of the journey, will help down the road.

Staying consistent is easier with community.

Whether it’s your coach, your therapist, family, friends, or fellow entrepreneurs, finding a community can make all the difference. It’s easy to stop when nobody is holding you accountable. But it’s just as easy to succeed when you have a community cheering you on every step of the way on your journey to entrepreneurship.

Advice from the panelists on the journey to entrepreneurship.

So, what were the takeaways from our lovely panelists? Lexi Jay suggests not trying to do the entrepreneurship thing on your own, to find a coach or a community. Pamela Rosario says to figure out what you can DIY, but also what you probably shouldn’t do yourself. Ashley Ross says you need to identify what you are doing to get in your own way, then work on that first to make the road to success easier.

Looking to get connected with our guests?

Lexi Jay

Instagram: @thecorporatenurse

Website: https://thecorporatenurse.co/

Ashley Ross

Instagram: @muse.noir.interiors

Website: https://www.musenoire.com/

Pamela Rosario

Instagram: @pamelarosariolaw

Website: https://www.pamelarosariolaw.com/

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