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Walking away from a full-time job and pursuing entrepreneurship is far from easy. Alex Davis and I have had our fair share of struggles during our time working in corporate America, but in today’s episode, we get to discuss what the path towards career freedom looked like for us both. From big four accountant to […]

Have y’all ever wondered what components make a remarkable entrepreneur or why we have a certain image of entrepreneurship? I certainly have. Beliefs I used to think that everyone can be an entrepreneur. I thought that you just need to tap into your discipline, have the ability to put your head down, and do the […]

It’s not uncommon to sell in a business, everyone does it. A sales conversation is when you’ll need to speak to someone with the intent of selling them something. Most times when people think about talking to anyone they know with the intention of selling to them, it makes their skin crawl. The difficult part […]

I am not sure about y’all but besides myself, I have had someone to thank for lighting that fire under my ideas.  I had the ideas and the dream for my entrepreneurial journey but it took my coaching program with Kae Whitaker, my very first coach, to help shift my ideas of my business goals […]

Have you ever wanted to hear from people who are doing now exactly what you want to be doing in the future? On September 17th, we hosted our virtual Lost to Launched retreat, and y’all, it was a HUGE success. One of our sessions included a panel of 3 fantastic students, Lexi Jay, Ashley Ross, […]

Finding the best marketing hack can be difficult when you’re contemplating what’s best for you and your clients. There are so many questions to consider when creating a marketing plan. Y’all, I don’t even know where to start. We really have to think about the meaning behind marketing and structure it to our benefit. Sure, […]

Y’all I don’t know about you but I can be a huge perfectionist. It can feel suffocating that our work isn’t good enough or question and stop ourselves from moving forward.  I was a firm believer that you could work through your perfectionism. That you could crack the code by just pushing through until it […]

If you’re anything like Dr. Zoe Johnson, you have felt a little unsure of how to take the leap from your current job to entrepreneurship. Where would you start? How would you even begin marketing your business? Dr. Johnson and I know exactly how overwhelming it can be at the start, but how rewarding it […]

If you’re anything like me when I first started, you have (or currently are!) experiencing a whole lotta hurdles and tough feelings on the way to entrepreneurship. You’re feeling like you’re not good enough, like you need to work harder to be taken seriously, and like you’re drowning in content creation. Take a deep breath, […]

I know for me it can be so hard to take the time for myself. Y’all it is so important to prioritize time for yourself and build the business you’re really passionate about even when it’s hard, there are other things to do that are here to aid us in accomplishing the goals we have […]

We talk everything, and I mean everything, entrepreneurship around here, and I’ve shared bits and pieces of my own journey to entrepreneurship. But today I wanna share the full story of how I went from Big Law to six-figure side hustler to full-time entrepreneur. I’m not an anomaly. If you want to create your own […]

If you’re anything like me or this week’s guest Nermin Jasani, you’ve probably felt the pressure to be someone else at your job, like you can’t be your true self as a corporate employee. It doesn’t have to be like this. But I know the struggle of making the decision to walk away, to become […]

If you are anything like me or my angel of a guest Kim Daily you found yourself pushing boundaries of your psychical and mental health to keep that high paycheck in a job you DON’T love. Something that always holds us to those standards of success is the check that pays for the house and […]

It’s no secret that we determine wealth as how much money our business is making or how much we hold in that bank account (or maybe it’s just me?) Lifestyle design matters so much to changing your mindset to have a successful career as an entrepreneur. Lifestyle design is intentionally crafting the exact life that […]

For a long time, I thought a business was only successful when it reached a certain income goal or had hundreds of people working for it… BUT that is simply not the case. A successful business begins with running in the direction of what you fear. I know what y’all are thinking… this can’t be […]

If you are anything like me, simple tasks such as cleaning the house or getting those tedious to-do list items scratched off can seem not only BEYOND uninteresting but on the verge of impossible. Not to fear… you are not alone. There are so many folks out there (including me) that have those tasks that […]

If you’re anything like me, you used to (or still do!) think that when someone said they were an entrepreneur it meant they were still living in their mom’s basement attempting to come up with a world-breaking idea. Truth is… thinking like an entrepreneur does not just include attempting to be a household name like […]

So you have a clear idea on what you want to sell, but are struggling on how to sell it? Well don’t worry sis, I got you. All it takes is answering a few questions and getting to the root of what you are trying to provide and offer your future clients. And let me […]

When building a business online, it can feel tempting to jump straight to posting on social media. You might be thinking that if social media is where all of your potential clients are, you should start posting ASAP. But, we’ve got some groundbreaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing news for you, sis. You shouldn’t start with social media. […]

Have there ever been moments in your life when you KNEW you had to make a career change? You wake up in the morning and dread going into the office and interacting with your coworkers. So, in an attempt to find out why you have this unwanted sense of unfulfillment, you decide to pivot towards […]

A lot of people say that that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. But by now I hope you know that’s total BS. Because in reality, it’s for a lot more people than we are led to believe. Entrepreneurship offers you so many things that your current corporate america job CAN’T. And sis, we need to talk […]

When you’re building a business, it’s super easy to get hyper focused on WHAT you’re going to sell. Is it gonna be a physical product? A service? Will you sell some kind of information to people? But if we start with the WHAT, we sometimes skip or forget about the WHO. Before we really solidify […]

Creating time to start my first biz was NOT EASY. Like for real- it was hella hard to find time with my workload and schedule. Yet, somehow I was able to take control of my time to work on my business and build it. But I see so many of y’all struggling to find the […]

When was the last time you flexed your boundary muscle? Starting a business can be overwhelming in so many ways. Starting a business on top of your corporate 9-5 definitely doesn’t alleviate that stress, either. (Lord knows our 9-5 already feels like two full-time jobs.) And that’s the main reason people quit on their business […]

Sometimes more doesn’t always equal more. In the corporate world, we’ve been conditioned to think that more is more. More customers and clients mean more money And while that sounds right, it’s not sustainable for entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we need to retrain our brains into thinking “less is more”. Because for us, it is. There […]

Do you immediately get nervous whenever you receive feedback? You’re not alone in that. Receiving feedback, whether good or bad, makes us as humans and workers SO nervous. We need to start realizing that feedback is of such incredibly high value for our growth. In my first year of business, I got some feedback from […]

Let be real; starting a business can be overwhelming and scary. And probably seems like there’s a never ending list of things to do to make it the dream business you have in your head. The reality? Starting and growing a business can happened faster than you think. One of the biggest mindset hurdles in […]

Investing in yourself is a never ending process, and for a lot of people, they don’t feel the need to do it. But from where I stand, investing in yourself is gonna move your business forward AND help you be more productive. As an entrepreneur, you’re selling an offer but you also have to put […]

We’re gonna be honest, building a business is A LOT of work. We get questions from clients on how to integrate your business into your life, and the short answer is – it’s challenging and it’s going to require a sacrifice. But it’s DOABLE! When we think back to our mentality when we were building […]

Failing is a major part of life, especially within the business world. Lord knows we could not count the amount of times we made a mistake on a project, did not finish something on time, or just didn’t give our full effort on something. BUT failing is what leads to learning. Failing is what ultimately […]

Can you see it? You’re almost at the finish line. You’ve identified a problem, developed a solution, and now you’re ready to get paid by your first client. But, like many of us, when it’s time to go out and get your first few clients, it feels almost overwhelmingly impossible. *insert woozy face* You start […]

When you’ve invested copious amounts of time and resources into your education, it’s natural to want to see it pay off. And for most of us, that’s getting a job and getting sucked into corporate America. It’s especially difficult when you’re thrust into an environment where assimilation (AKA blending in, code-switching, etc) is not only […]

Let’s be honest, we all spend an embarrassingly long amount of time on TikTok. With all the different types of videos specifically filtered to fit what you love (or like in this case), it’s hard not to. We all have that one video or that one influencer that we follow because their videos are just […]

Growing your business on social media is hard. It’s hard to know what to say, when to say it and how much of yourself to show potential customers. The hack? Instagram stories. Instagram stories can be an amazing tool for you to use for your business. Being able to authentically speak to your niche community […]

You feel miserable in your job. You tell yourself and your friends and family over and over again that you’re going to quit. Riiight after you get your bonus. Then you get stuck in a cycle year after year and still haven’t left. Does that sound like you? It’s time to change that. We totally […]

How many times have you had the drive to start something new, but let fear get in the way? Whether that be fear of judgment, fear of the unknown, or fear of failure- realize you’re not alone. This week’s episode features Sarah Cottrell, AKA the “Former Lawyer”. Sarah worked in Biglaw for a decade and […]

Bianca’s royalty in the beauty biz, but it took some major signs for this queen to take a chance and grab her crown. Take it from us, when opportunity knocks, answer it. Even if the opportunity has already knocked twice, you know what they say: third time’s the charm! In Today’s Episode We Talk About: […]

Businesses all around are adopting social media because of its extraordinary ability to find their (and your!) ideal client. Because when you use it right, it’s a game changer. But to reap the benefits, you have to be willing to play the game. In Today’s Episode We Talk About: How social media can be a […]

When starting a business, making mistakes is basically a given and the struggles are real. We all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. When you make a mistake, learn from it, and come back even stronger than before! In Today’s Episode We Talk About: Why it’s better to speak […]

In continuation of our Biz Builder Summit panels, this week’s episode comes from the Kings and Queens of Content Innovation session. Our guest lineup includes Mahdi Woodard, Hayet Rida, and Tatiana O’Hara. All of which are absolute powerhouses in the world of content and community. In addition, our guests answer Summit attendees’ questions on engagement […]

The Biz Builder Summit was SO amazing we decided to bring it to our podcast. This episode comes from the Budding Boss Insights panel, and is packed with amazing advice and conversation with Janelle, Kim Daily, Jade McNeil, and Ashley Bince. In Today’s Episode We Talk About: How these entrepreneurs got to where they are […]

Robin is a rarity in that she LOVES her full-time job, but didn’t ignore her passion to start a side business. As a communications manager at Salesforce and co-founder of Neighborly Paper, she embraced a corporate career and an entrepreneurial life. In Today’s Episode We Talk About: Robin’s journey to starting a business while she […]

It can be easy to lose yourself in corporate America; especially with the exhausting day-to-day work. It’s mentally and physically draining. BUT, when you are your own boss these things change. Entrepreneurship can offer you so much more when it comes to your daily schedule, happiness, and money. Yes, even money. In today’s episode we […]

Money is a huge factor in everyone’s life. No matter where you live or what you do, you are constantly thinking about whether you have enough money to provide for yourself and others. AND THAT’S OKAY. It’s especially okay when you are changing your career path to one you’ve always wanted. In today’s episode we […]

At times in your life, your degree might seem pointless. But the skills, habits, and networks that were acquired during your 4+ years at college give you the foundation and encouragement to create your dream job. In today’s episode we talk about: How degrees can be beneficial, even when pursuing a different career path. The […]

Annie Little, a former real estate lawyer whose road to freedom lead her to become a lawyer career coach strives to help lawyers find and land their ideal jobs – whatever that might be. From creating a single path to become financially independent to deviating from that path to also become emotionally independent, Annie exemplifies […]

Rhea Whitney is a former corporate America worker turned wedding photographer/ business coach based in Houston, Texas, and is the perfect example of a diligent self-starter and advocate for following your passions and making the life of your dreams a reality.  In Today’s Episode We Talk About: Investing in yourself and your passions! Leaning in […]

Payal Beri, a mindset coach and speaker whose mission focuses on highly driven and empathic women that struggle with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt, and creating boundaries, shares about the lack of psychological safety in the workplace and how it drives empathic individuals to blame themselves and struggle with workplace boundaries. In today’s episode,we talk about: […]

Goli Kalkhoran, a former lawyer turned mindset coach, introduces the concept of “planting the seed.” That, once the seed has been planted there is little you can do to prevent it from growing. In today’s episode we talk about: How planting the seed can lead to changing your mind about your career. Why it is […]

Over the past two decades, Erika Totten has taught herself and her clients how to break free from self-limiting beliefs and live in the joy of liberation. In today’s episode we talk about: Joy is a part of healing and liberation Liberation isn’t about being fearless, it’s about being courageous Jobs you love can also […]

Even though the world is heading back to some sense of normalcy, let’s not lose focus on building our businesses and learn from the slowed-down pace of last year. In today’s episode we talk about: Setting block scheduling of chunks of time for you to work solely on your business Accountability partners help you stay […]

Tatiana, one of my business besties, shares how owning her own business has given her a new sense of freedom. In today’s episode we talk about: Not realizing you’re being taken advantage of in your corporate role How much do you really have to save before you leave your job? Overcoming early rejections in entrepreneurship […]

This episode dives into the four main things that I wish I had someone to mentor me through when starting a business and how to maneuver through them. In today’s episode we talk about: The importance of asking for referrals before giving vendors your money It’s a far better idea to pay for roadmaps and […]

Dimaonde, one of my “rich af” friends, shares some of her wisdom on how she went from writing somebody else’s emails for $65 to an $87,000 sales week. In today’s episode we talk about: How different the entrepreneur journey is from anything else Trust yourself to experiment and try different things The importance of the […]

This episode is dedicated to the five main reasons why you’re staying at your job and why those reasons are not worth your unhappiness. In today’s episode we talk about: Your income potential is so much higher when you start your own business. The false sense of security corporate America sells you The fear of […]

Based in Washington, D.C., Patrick Swygert is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He is a real estate investor, dabbles in healthcare tech startups, & he started his own management consulting business, The Swygert Group, with two partners. One of them is his biggest supporter and investor, his dad. In today’s episode, we talked about: How to go […]

In this episode, I talk to Jay Veal, a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur who founded Inc. Education, a tutoring organization that has impacted over 12,000 students nationwide. We talk about his beginnings in the tech space working at companies like Microsoft and how he achieved the success he has now as an entrepreneur. In […]

In today’s episode, we are joined with the incredible Vonetta Young. Vonetta is an investment readiness advisor. She gives fund managers insight into what the process of raising their funds will be like. We dive into discussing what it’s like to leave the “stability” from society’s traditional employment– Corporate America. In today’s episode, we talk […]

As influencers have become all the rave these past couple of years, everyone wants to become one. However, if you’re wanting to quit your 6-figure salary job and replace that income in 12 months or less, GIRL, lifestyle ain’t the way to go. In today’s episode, I talk about: The different options you have to […]

Janelle telling you why lifestyle is not the way to go to replace your 6-figure income in 12 months

Let’s be real, one of the biggest things holding us back from becoming a full-time entrepreneur is our mindset. When I first started my business coaching career, I didn’t know much of anything. There were a lot of mindset hurdles I had to overcome. Now, I am helping other 6-figure employees ditch their corporate america […]

Janelle Nicole teaching you how to get past the mindset hurdles of entrepreneurship

Today, we are joined by Ryan Catchings, the co-founder of Drive Assets, a real estate wholesaling business. Ryan is fearless in the face of risk. While we’re sure he experiences fear, he doesn’t even seem to flinch. He is the King of massive action and that switch and decisive decision-making skill yields him the remarkable […]

yan Catchings, the co-founder of Drive Assets, a real estate wholesaling business.

In this episode, I share the one thing that completely changed my business trajectory; business coaching. Getting my first business coach fundamentally changed my life. My first coach gave me the keys to be an entrepreneur in under 12 months and I want that for you, too. In this episode, I talk about: The different […]

In this episode, we’re diving into what I think are some of the biggest misconceptions about wealth and income (hint: they’re two different things). One of the biggest takeaways I learned from starting my own business is that pushing along and doing the same thing won’t get you where to you want to be. To […]

Our Special Guest: Colleen Middleton As a public relations major, Colleen Middleton was very much on the corporate track working for big companies like Chick Fil A and Coca Cola. Now, she is thriving owning her own twirling dance studio, Forte. While simultaneously coaching her dance team and working PR, she realized she ultimately needed […]

Sometimes, leaving your job is the ultimate act of self care. You may spend your whole life chasing for success instead of what’s best for you. But, ultimately you need to ask yourself, does your job align with your core values? Any job you have doesn’t have to fulfill all your core values. Your job […]

Janelle excited to teach you why leaving your job is the ultimate act of self care

In this episode, I dive into the importance of putting yourself first and setting boundaries as a form of self-care. Most people associate boundaries with conflict but in reality, boundaries are the highest honoring of your self-worth because they are the pathway to the happiest & healthiest version of you. In this episode, I talk […]

Our special guest: Joann Wooten In this episode, I was joined by Joann Wooten, the founder of Wooten Photography and the photographer behind many of my super dope social and website photos. Joann shares her story of how she pivoted through a few careers before she ever even thought of becoming an entrepreneur and owning […]

Redefining success and happiness In this episode, I open up about realizing that pursuing entrepreneurship is a viable pathway for and that I could actually make a living outside of corporate America, unlike what many people think. I started my life as an entrepreneur after redefining what it meant to be “successful” and today I’ll […]

Enforcing boundaries In this episode, I set it straight with how to build and enforce boundaries for yourself. So many people associate boundaries with conflict when in reality, it is simply the highest form of self-care and I open up on how prioritizing my own boundaries lead me to leaving my law firm job. Hey […]

Financial objectives In this episode I talk about everyone’s least favorite part, the money it will take to start your business. This is the most common barrier for people not starting their own business. Some may fear quitting their job over money, but I break down how I did it and how anyone can do […]

Our special guest: Amanda Migliaccio This episode I am joined by one of my good friends from way back in college, Amanda Migliaccio. Amanda has her own photography business and plans to continue expanding her brand. The two of us sit down and chat about Amanda’s journey and how she found her passion for photography […]

Take the idea and run…however fast you want In this episode I go into detail about how I took my idea and turned it into my business. Even though I never saw anyone do the work I do and see success, I found my market and ran with my idea. The process took time, but […]

Our first guest: Victoria Thomas This episode I am joined by the Victoria Thomas. Victoria had a similar journey to mine in that we both started off as lawyers and found our true calling, which was not the practice of law. Victoria the very successful gym owner of JOURNEY FIT 365 and shares her story […]

Breaking your mental barriers In this episode I touch on breaking through the limitations that keep people from quitting their jobs, including my own. Limitations are set by peoples’ mindsets and their surrounding influences. To breakthrough those barriers, it starts with thinking outside of the literal box you’ve created in your head because there is […]

episode thumbnail

episode thumbnail

Our special guest: Sarah Duff In this episode we have Sarah Duff joining me. Sarah owns S. Duff Media, a creative agency located in Atlanta, GA. Sarah is extremely talented and wears many hats in running her own business. Sarah has done work for companies like Aflac and Coca-Cola, and she even created the logo […]

I am so excited to share the official trailer for the Sunset Provisions podcast with you! I know so many people who are miserable at their jobs, and they stay miserable — for a host of different reasons. And I was exactly the same as an attorney at a major law firm until I realized […]

Official trailer for Sunset Provisions podcast

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