Non-Sleazy Selling

Oct 27, 2022

It’s not uncommon to sell in a business, everyone does it. A sales conversation is when you’ll need to speak to someone with the intent of selling them something.

Most times when people think about talking to anyone they know with the intention of selling to them, it makes their skin crawl. The difficult part of selling is making sure that it’s non-sleazy. It’s never sleazy to tell someone that actually needs the thing that you’re offering, that you have a solution for them.

Something as simple as driving people out of their comfort zone and nudging them to make better decisions makes an impact on the product you’re trying to sell because it adds value to their lives. Take a moment and remember that selling is really being confident in the value you provide.

I know that selling may look different for everyone, but it’s a hurdle we have to overcome.

It’s really hard to be able to confidently articulate what your value is and it’s even harder to be able to find the people who need what you’re offering and consistently show up to them in a way time, place, and manner that makes you available when they realize they have that need.

Confidently articulating your value to stand up in confidence and being able to say this is what I offer, this is what I do, these are the results I get, and then positioning yourself with that confident value articulation in front of people who need what you’re offering, is essential to successful selling.

Everyone needs to get used to different solutions in order to be more confident in selling.

Your goal is to sell in a non-sleazy way while maintaining continuous support. That could look like putting in additional training, education, and coaching to make it better for y’all to solve problems.

Our program has an entire module based on confidently selling, articulating your values, and we give people entire scripts for sales conversations when they need to actually be in a position to sell something to people.

I literally sit down at least twice a year and listen to my curriculum. I go through it, I read my workbooks, I do the work, and I pretend like I’m a brand new client going through it. Every time I go through the curriculum I’m like, “DAMN this shit’s good.”

Focus on the clients and their outstanding work.

We remind our clients that they’re the shit by doing client spotlights. Celebrating the clients makes them feel good and it also reminds ya girl that I did that and y’all are capable of selling. This shows that y’all are confident that your product is gonna kick ass.

It’s important to sell and it’s necessary for your business to sell. Sales are a mandatory part of being an entrepreneur. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think and it definitely doesn’t have to be sleazy, “salesy”, or uncomfortable. It can be just you having a genuine conversation with someone who has a need and letting them know that you can address that need. I hope this inspires you to go out and sell for your business. I am always relentlessly cheering you on!

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