Is It a Good Investment?

Mar 17, 2022

Investing in yourself is a never ending process, and for a lot of people, they don’t feel the need to do it. But from where I stand, investing in yourself is gonna move your business forward AND help you be more productive.

As an entrepreneur, you’re selling an offer but you also have to put your best foot forward. Being sloppy aint gonna cut it! Therefore, you have to make time to invest in yourself which translates to investing in your future and the biz of your dreams.

Now, you might be wondering where to start with these investments, but don’t worry sis, I got you. Here are some tips on how to specifically start investing in yourself (and thus your business):

(1) Website

  • If you’re anything like me, you’re not so technically advanced. It’s 100% possible to create your own website. But things that we don’t know how to do or have the time for, tend to slow us down.
  • Plus having a website ready and published for potential clients to see is SUPER important to get your biz the traction it needs to grow.

–>Paying to have someone build your website for you helps you take it off your plate and keep the ball moving forward. When we start to get held up, we slow down and inevitable stop.

(2) Content

  • Having QUALITY photo and video images for your content is high value and worth the monetary investment.
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER- the higher the quality, the more entertaining the images are, the higher return (ROI) will be for you.

–>A GREAT TIP for pictures: when you book a session, bring outfit changes, cover any major holidays coming up. Make sure to use your time and money. Be prepared so that you don’t just get 30 of almost the exact same images back.

(3) Coaching programs and courses are ENCOURAGED

  • I will always always always tell folks to take courses or get into some kind of coaching program when they’re starting their business. I’ve seen so many people be successful BECAUSE of this investment.
  • If you see an opportunity where there’s a gap in your knowledge, find a course!
  • Whether it’s on a specific topic like content creation or a full blown coaching program, taking the time to enroll in courses and programs will be vital to your success as a business owner!

These are the 3 main investments I encourage you to make in order to put your biz on the path to success. And trust me, I know it’s scary to spend money, especially in the beginning. You aren’t making a lot and you’re stressed about going broke. But don’t be! Investments are made specifically to increase profit and reward. So, take that next step and start investing in yourself and your future.

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