How To Stop Perfectionism From Controlling Your Behavior

Sep 29, 2022

Y’all I don’t know about you but I can be a huge perfectionist. It can feel suffocating that our work isn’t good enough or question and stop ourselves from moving forward.  I was a firm believer that you could work through your perfectionism. That you could crack the code by just pushing through until it fades away.

It took me some time to realize, but that’s so untrue. And if you feel that way, you aren’t alone!

There are 5 simple steps that I suggest that can help you overcome the idea that perfectionism is the only way to success in your business. 

Firstly, identify what is causing the imposter syndrome. Naming it is such a powerful thing. Sometimes I don’t think we realize that it’s imposter syndrome holding us back until we sit down to realize it. One of my favorite ways to understand if my feelings are steaming from imposter syndrome is naming what’s causing these feelings and writing the specific tasks associated with the task.

After you name those feelings and break down the task, it’s a lot easier to start to see the things you’ve done before. Sometimes big, daunting tasks have easy hidden tasks in the midst of it.

Building up your confidence by knocking out familiar tasks is a sure way to get the motivation going. A piece of advice we give to clients is to focus on the things you know first. The rest will follow!

Once you’ve done all you can do, imposter syndrome might pop back up. You might start to wonder if you’re capable. You’ve already done what you can. In this instance, I want you to build up what I call counter-evidence. Reflect and take a moment to write down or think of the new skills you’ve learned. Take the small and big wins. Writing them down is helpful cause you can come back to them later and see how far you’ve come!

Finally, reframe how you respond to those moments of imposter syndrome. The big picture might be so impossible but breaking it down can be so helpful in allowing you to see that you’re more capable than you think you are.

There’s a difference between actually not being prepared and not doing something because you need it to be perfect. That is why it is so important for y’all to break those walls down and dig deeper for yourself! 

Give yourself compassion. You are probably doing better than you think that you are. Remember that most people are experiencing imposter syndrome and perfectionism. I am forever cheering you on! 

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