How to Have Healthy Boundaries With Your Double Workload

Apr 14, 2022

When was the last time you flexed your boundary muscle?

Starting a business can be overwhelming in so many ways. Starting a business on top of your corporate 9-5 definitely doesn’t alleviate that stress, either. (Lord knows our 9-5 already feels like two full-time jobs.) And that’s the main reason people quit on their business before they even really get started. You just burn out from adding extra workload on top of a job that already is so demanding.

But there’s a right way to do it.

We need to start making some HEALTHY boundaries with this double workload, and there are a few main points to touch on:

  • A common thing I hear from clients is that they’re just SO busy. Work is busy, kids are busy, everything is busy, but the truth is: everyone is busy. If you’re feeling like you literally have no time, go check out one of our last podcasts about busyness HERE.
  • Dive into your schedule– it’s going to be the thing that saves you. Start by dedicating 5 hours a week, and be CONSISTENT. Don’t schedule all your free time for your business. You’ll burn out. We don’t want this business to become something we resent.
  • Set some monetary boundaries. I encourage my clients to build up their savings to quit because I want them to feel more comfortable about leaving and holding themselves accountable. You can become an entrepreneur in a comfortable way. You can maintain your lifestyle and still do the things you want to do- all while still releasing yourself from the shackles of corporate america.

Acknowledge that any sacrifices you make in building your business are temporary. We can sacrifice now in order to thrive later.

  • Another thing we need to tell ourselves is that all deadlines are made up and we have the power to move them. While that most likely isn’t true in your corporate job, when we’re building a business a lot of the deadlines we create for ourselves are made by us. This means we can change them and push things back if it means we’re setting up healthier expectations for ourselves. That’s the beauty of building your own business, that’s why you’ve decided to start a side hustle.
  • Also, stay focused on the right things. That’s why I love and encourage a coaching program. A coach will help you keep the focus and hold you accountable. You can check out our SideBiz SMART Accelerator Program HERE.

Sometimes life can get in the way- I get it.

There are seasons where your 9-5 has to take priority, like an accountant during tax season. That’s what we’ve been taught in corporate america. But when you’re building your own business, you can take time to reset and rest. My advice is just to keep taking baby steps so that we’re still moving toward something. Continually moving forward will help with building boundaries, and ultimately how we’re building our business.

It’ll feel overwhelming if you let it. But there are ways and methods to create healthy boundaries so that you can keep working on building your business, even while you’re working a traditional 9-5. Give yourself grace and practice building those boundaries.

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