How to be a 5% Biz

Mar 31, 2022

Do you immediately get nervous whenever you receive feedback?

You’re not alone in that.

Receiving feedback, whether good or bad, makes us as humans and workers SO nervous. We need to start realizing that feedback is of such incredibly high value for our growth. In my first year of business, I got some feedback from a friend, and it completely changed the trajectory of how I run my business and ultimately, my life as a whole. I really believe that feedback makes the difference between being a successful business owner and being someone who succeeds, so I’m here to share that with you.

I read every. single. day. (Check out my bookshelf HERE)

One of my favorite books has this statistic: 95% of businesses fail within their first year. That means only 5% of businesses survive their first year, and only 5% of that successful group makes it to five years. When we see a statistic like that, our brain automatically puts us in the winning category. Which- SURE- sounds like a good thing, but it can actually put us in a coasting mindset that hinders growth and is not successful for us as entrepreneurs.

You have to actively do things to put yourself in the 5%.

You have to work hard to be in the 5%. And I want you to be there. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Those in the 5% feel FEAR.

The difference is that they make moves towards fear. It’s the age-old fight or flight response. When you feel nervous or scared, move towards the fear and work through it. Society has inappropriately made us think that we should be risk-averse and move away from fear when really that works for every aspect of our lives EXCEPT business. Feel the fear. See where it takes you.

2. You CANNOT trust your intuition.

Stay with me- just like running away from fear, trusting your intuition works everywhere BUT in business. The majority of the business world is the 95%- when your well-meaning friends tell you that you shouldn’t pay that much for a coaching program, they’re telling you out of love but that’s the 95% talking. You need to stop listening to that voice that lives in you (or others) that is telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t or can’t. Your intuition is SO good. But we have to train ourselves to ignore it when we’re trying to be a 5% business.

3. Surround yourself with other 5% thinkers.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Community and your network are EVERYTHING. You invest in yourself when you surround yourself with people that think like you and will push you to be your best. Whether it’s free or paid, find other 5%-ers. A great example and way to find others you should be surrounding yourself with is by joining a coaching program. If you’re gonna pay, why would you pay for one 5% thinker when you can pay to be around a bunch of 5% thinkers led by a 1% thinker. Our SideBiz SMART Accelerator Program has an AMAZING community and has been proven time and time again to be successful in becoming part of that 5%.

You deserve to be in the 5%. You just gotta work for it.

I’m so grateful to have 5% thinkers in my life and to lead a program with other budding entrepreneurs who strive every single day to be 5% business owners. Y’all make me better. If you don’t already have a community like that, I’m begging you to find it. 

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