Get that bread, get that [bonus], and leave: How to make a plan to quit your job after bonus season

Jan 27, 2022

You feel miserable in your job. You tell yourself and your friends and family over and over again that you’re going to quit. Riiight after you get your bonus. Then you get stuck in a cycle year after year and still haven’t left.

Does that sound like you? It’s time to change that.

We totally get it. Corporate is safe, it’s secure, and it allows you to pay for the lifestyle you want. But is it actually the life you want? There are all kinds of excuses in the corporate world of why leaving a job is bad: leaving means you’re lazy, leaving means you’re a failure, leaving means you’re not as smart. But that’s all they are: excuses. There is nothing wrong with wanting something different for yourself, and you don’t need it, but this is PERMISSION to not like your job. It’s okay and it’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable. Change is scary, but we need to lean into the change because on the other side of it is where we will find the better version of our lives.

SO, once we dive through those limiting beliefs and accept that we deserve better, we make a plan to to get that bread, get that bonus, then LEAVE.

The steps of our exit plan:

  1. Have enough in savings to make yourself comfortable, whatever that means for you. You don’t need to have $100,000 in savings, and let’s be real, who does? But have enough to where you feel secure and ready to leave.
  2. Mark a quit date. Pick a date and say to yourself: “I’m quitting by or on THIS date.” Then put it in your calendar as a reminder and motivator. Hold yourself accountable for the life waiting for you.
  3. Set up some informational networking. Chances are you know someone that has left their job to do something new, so reach out and ask them questions! Use your network! By letting people know you’re out here looking, you may set yourself up for new opportunities.
  4. Use affirmations. These are so powerful and so easy to do. Say things outloud to yourself like “I will quit my dead-end job.”, “I know everything will turn out well”, “I have a bright future ahead of me”, etc. The key to this is BELIEVING what you’re saying.

Have the courage to leave. A better life is out there.

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