From Wall Street Lawyer to Business Strategist: Nermin Jasani & Authenticity Through Entrepreneurship

Aug 25, 2022

If you’re anything like me or this week’s guest Nermin Jasani, you’ve probably felt the pressure to be someone else at your job, like you can’t be your true self as a corporate employee.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

But I know the struggle of making the decision to walk away, to become an entrepreneur is SO difficult, because you have a million questions in your mind about it. Are you good enough? Will you make enough money to support yourself? Is there even anyone out there interested in what services or products you want to provide?

You are capable of being wildly successful.

Stepping out of the corporate environment into entrepreneurship is such a journey, and Nermin shares her story on how she went from unfulfilled and working for someone else to building an incredible consulting business. Her path to entrepreneurship wasn’t without challenges, from having to give up on her dream of creating a tech startup to navigating the dynamics of working in the family business. In spite of multiple setbacks, Nermin was determined to leave corporate for good, creating her business, We Are Wildly Successful.

With entrepreneurship comes the power of redefining your life.

Everything from productivity to success changes when you become an entrepreneur. There is so much freedom that you get, but it can be such a challenge to get out of the corporate mindset. Old habits die hard, and sometimes you have to remind yourself that you can redefine success for yourself.

Everybody deals with imposter syndrome at some point.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it doesn’t have to be perfect. We have all at some point put off one of our ideas, undervalued ourselves, listened to that lil voice in our heads saying “you’re not good enough for this.” These thoughts won’t go away no matter how much more experience you get, but you get to choose whether you feed into them.

Your first idea may not work, but you learn from every experience.

I started off in interior design. Nermin wanted to create a tech startup. Entrepreneurship isn’t about having the right idea the first time around. Every experience, every idea we had on the way to where we are right now taught us something valuable.

Join Nermin and me as we discuss the challenges and successes we faced along the journey of becoming entrepreneurs!

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