From Corporate Job to Business Coach: Kae Whitaker on Mindset, Coaching, and Investing in Yourself

Oct 20, 2022

I am not sure about y’all but besides myself, I have had someone to thank for lighting that fire under my ideas. 

I had the ideas and the dream for my entrepreneurial journey but it took my coaching program with Kae Whitaker, my very first coach, to help shift my ideas of my business goals and pursue something more. 

Kae Whitaker is a business coach of nine years come this October. A mother of four, she loves being able to help entrepreneurs structure their business aspirations. 

Mindset is such an important asset in the entrepreneurial world. The idea that money is equal to success is just not the right way to approach your business. 

This idea that we have to stick to the things we feel we are barely tolerating is wrong. I felt that the disasters I created in my head seemed so much more manageable with a bright leader cheering me on. 

It is important to keep blinders on when starting up your business career, to find that freedom from corporate america. It is so important to take those steps for yourself and hire a one-on-one coach who can help keep the blinders on to keep the focus on the end goal! 

Coaches put a lot into their coaching program, taking on their client’s emotions and ambitions. The overall mindset is that it’s important to invest in yourself. It is vital to be in control and feel in control of your business. 

Within the podcast, Kae and I discuss the important ins and outs of becoming a coach and the journey it took for me to utilize this program with Kae to get where I have always wanted to be. 

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