From Clinical Practice to Aligned Entrepreneurship: Dr. Zoe Johnson on Community and Curiosity

Sep 22, 2022

If you’re anything like Dr. Zoe Johnson, you have felt a little unsure of how to take the leap from your current job to entrepreneurship. Where would you start? How would you even begin marketing your business? Dr. Johnson and I know exactly how overwhelming it can be at the start, but how rewarding it can end up being.

Action brings clarity.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the little details, tryna make something perfect before you even consider launching. But sometimes, you just need to start, and that will provide clarity on how to improve. Dr. Johnson knew she didn’t need or want to spend a year planning. She started, and worked on improving with her services already launched.

Community is key.

Rising tides lift all boats, and the same goes for entrepreneurship. The support and accountability of the accelerator program made a big difference for Dr. Johnson, helping to set the foundation for launching in far less time than it would take to go it alone. Community is what also got Dr. Johnson her first clients, as she got so many referrals from people who knew and trusted her as a clinician and were positively thrilled to hear she was opening a private practice.

Follow that entrepreneurial curiosity.

Some people know they want to be entrepreneurs the moment the idea comes to them. Other people need to warm up to it, but if you feel even a little curious about entrepreneurship, follow that. It’s a journey, but one that, if you have a good community and the determination, you can walk confidently.

Join Dr. Zoe Johnson and me as we discuss clarity, community, and curiosity in entrepreneurship!

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