From Big Four Accountant to Financially Conscious Life & Business Coach: Alex Davis & Her Path to Career Freedom

Nov 16, 2022

Walking away from a full-time job and pursuing entrepreneurship is far from easy. Alex Davis and I have had our fair share of struggles during our time working in corporate America, but in today’s episode, we get to discuss what the path towards career freedom looked like for us both. From big four accountant to financially conscious life and business coach, we learn about the steps Alex Davis took to get where she’s at today — happy, fulfilled, and thriving.

Entrepreneurship is a process. 

Some folks think that walking away from a job and jumping into entrepreneurship is a simple, straightforward process, but oh boy, there’s so much more to it. For many years, people have told Alex to start her own business, but it wasn’t her top priority because as a single mom, she had so many things going on in her life. It wasn’t until she realized how overwhelmed she felt and how much she was missing out on life that Alex decided to take a different approach.

Self-worth over everything.

So many of us assume that getting these advanced degrees instead of jumping straight into entrepreneurship somehow means we’re set up for the corporate pipeline. But that’s not true, when Alex got into entrepreneurship and thought about the full-time job that she had quit, she didn’t know how she survived working 70 hours a week while having no control over who she talked to even down to the client that she would ideally work with. Her past gave her no choice and freedom. At that point the trade-offs didn’t matter, working crazy hours and trying to please other people are not worth it if you can see that the people supervising you and your partners are not happy or well. 

Find that inner spark.

If you begin to feel that managing your life is difficult, then you have to stop and think if what you’re doing is worth continuing. Law firms and big accounting firms kind of select candidates in a predatory way knowing that we are people pleasers. These firms are looking for people pleasers who are making their way to make their bosses happy and stay longer than needed out of guilt and obligation. Now is the money worth doing all that? No. Alex believes that in public accounting, the ones that make way to question or prioritize their personal growth over anything make it known. 

Find help.

Don’t go into entrepreneurship alone and make sure that you have a support system that can build something you’re passionate about/allows you to trust yourself more. Having self-trust means being solid with who you are and being comfortable in making decisions that put you on the right track.

Stuck on what to do next in your entrepreneurial journey?

Join Alex Davis and me as we discuss how to survive comfortably through vision boards, understanding expenses, utilizing therapy, creating a savings pool, not waiting for retirement, and knowing when to rest to prevent burnout.

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