Are You Operating In Your Zone Of Genius?

Jun 9, 2022

If you are anything like me, simple tasks such as cleaning the house or getting those tedious to-do list items scratched off can seem not only BEYOND uninteresting but on the verge of impossible. Not to fear… you are not alone.

There are so many folks out there (including me) that have those tasks that struggle with. And for a long time, I wondered why some things on my list felt that way. This is called one of operating and how to know where you’re at.

There are four zones that we as humans operate and exist in.

And whatever zone we’re in dictates our joy, happiness, and our fulfillment. So I wanna run through all four and show y’all what they are and how operating in each of them reaches our goals.

Not to throw an abundance of words and phrases at you that may seem overwhelming. BUT it really is as simple as breaking down these zones into smaller categories that we as humans can identify with in our own lives.

Understanding the four zones may seem difficult but that’s the case…

The first is zones of incompetence, that’s when you don’t feel comfortable or confident in executing. An example of that for me is technology. Whenever anything related to tech, I freeze or procrastinate. I’m not my best by any means. I’m sure there are things coming up in your head right now on your to-do list that you really aren’t sure how to do so continue to put it off. That means it’s probably in your zone of incompetence!

The second is the zone of competence, this is an area where you can do the thing but you’re just not really excellent at it (and/or you don’t enjoy it.) An example of a zone of competence is any of those mundane tasks you don’t like. Like I mentioned before, cleaning the house! You can do it but in reality, it’s not somewhere you shine. If we think about our lives and the very short life we get to live, we don’t want to be spending most of our time in this zone!

The third is the zone of excellence, this is kinda tricky but it’s something that you’re normally really good at (and you may get compensated for it super well) but it just doesn’t make you feel fulfilled! Sadly, this is the goal for most people in their careers. You want your gold star and that’s it. You never feel completely satisfied. There’s still this nagging feeling that there’s something else you should be doing. That’s your zone of genius!

The fourth and final zone is the zone of genius, this is where your skills and interest align. This is THE goal. This is where we ALL want to be! With a change in mindset you too can remain here!

Once becoming familiar and comfortable with these zones…

the rest is all based on mindset work which I will relentlessly guide and cheer you on with. One of the best things about entrepreneurship is that you really get to bypass and outsource all of the things for your business and yourself! No one ever succeeded without overcoming some sort of challenge! AS ALWAYS I am forever cheering you on!

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