3 Obstacles To Launching Your Business

Sep 15, 2022

If you’re anything like me when I first started, you have (or currently are!) experiencing a whole lotta hurdles and tough feelings on the way to entrepreneurship. You’re feeling like you’re not good enough, like you need to work harder to be taken seriously, and like you’re drowning in content creation.

Take a deep breath, friend. If you only hear one thing today let it be this: these obstacles are totally normal, and EVERY entrepreneur feels these things at some point. So what are the biggest obstacles, and how can we overcome them?

You are so much more valuable than you’re imposter syndrome has you believing.

Imposter syndrome is SO sneaky, and it isn’t always obvious. It shows up in little ways, like making up excuses, thinking you’re not yet qualified enough, telling you to prepare more because you’re not ready yet. Nine times out of ten, you are qualified, you are ready, but you’re letting your imposter syndrome take the wheel. Acknowledge it early on in creating your business, and know that you don’t have to listen to that little voice in your head tryna tell you you’re not good enough.

It doesn’t need to be perfect the first time.

We all would love to launch the perfect product or service, the first time around. But that’s not a reality, and waiting to launch until it’s “perfect” is holding you back from launching something really good. You can continue to update, make it better, and get closer to that perfect product, but you need to put it out first.

Consistency is the key to long-term success in entrepreneurship.

It’s pretty easy to be just about anything, including an entrepreneur, for a week. It’s not too hard to be something for a month, either. But beyond that? It’s not so easy, and that’s where people get tripped up. Consistency is so incredibly important to building a reputable business, and you need to be consistent long-term, whether that’s posting every day or just once a week. Make your consistency goals realistic, and then hold yourself to them.

It’s easy to get stuck with these obstacles while trying to launch your business, but the best way to overcome all of them is to acknowledge the obstacle, accept that it’s a challenge on your entrepreneurship journey, and work on it.

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