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In legal documents, a Sunset Provision requires that a specific event or action take place by a certain date or else the contract automatically expires. 

And I’m starting to think we should each have these types of provisions for all these jobs we hate...amirite?!

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With that, 

A former BigLaw lawyer turned pro boundary builder. And after 6 years as a corporate attorney in some of the biggest and most profitable law firms in the world, I finally made a plan and walked away from a multiple six-figure legal career to pursue a life that I adore. 

And now I want to help as many people as possible do the same. 

Sunset Provisions the podcast exists to help make entrepreneurship more real. No more believing entrepreneurs are either living in their parents’ basements or Jeff Bezos. I’ll be bringing real life, loan having, freedom grasping entrepreneurs who have left amazing careers to hopefully inspire you to join team Be Your Own Boss. 

I'm Janelle

I’ll also be explaining step-by-step what I did to grow my side business to full-time in 12 months flat. None of which involve living in my parents’ basement...

So, if this sounds like your jam, take a look around at some of our most popular episodes!

Representation matters.

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